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#18830 - Rachael was slightly bemused that he hadn’t asked for how much she charges or what’s on offer but she needs the money and got into his car-believing money was no option as she got into the car. ” Mark entered the spare room, he placed Rachael on the bed and handcuffed her wrists to the corners of the single bed, and her ankles shackled to the bottom of the steel bed. ” Jennifer then pulled out a box from under the bed and bed an taken out a 4inch razor sharp blade and said “I don’t want to hurt you but scream or try to escape and I will, you are about 40mile out at sea in a boat, there are two of us here so just don’t , now are you going to do what I say?” And Rachael nodded.

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Matsuri katou
I would have this girl on speed dial
Shintarou midorima
What a sexy and handsome couple