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#154512 - Sarah made it to the brightly lit kitchen before she felt Elisabeth taking a handful of her ponytail and jerking her back with it, Put Catherine down! screamed the woman, Or I'll cut your worthless throat, Sarah put the little girl down gently, all the time Elisabeth maintained the grip on her hair. Martin has hundreds you know, she waved a small silver key by its paper fob, Martin showed me how to get past those dim witted security guards and I did, half of them are illegal immigrants anyway; Total waste of money, she held up more keys, This is the one for his London house, this is the one for the parsonage, I stay there when I like! she said dreamily. Now look what you've done! Elisabeth shouted, dropping down to her knees to pull the struggling child into an uncomfortable and unwanted hug, the crying child hanging limply while the mad woman held her, the knife held in the hand that was cradling her head.

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