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#177055 - I pushed more inside jess she did move then . Been at work all day all I could think about was getting home that night waiting for my wife to go to bed so I could have my way with Jess again after taking Jess out for a walk I couldn't help but watch her thinking I'm going to be inside that about an hour's time after we got home my wife had prepared t4rus fed Jess my wife and myself sat in the living room I was wishing she would go to bed 2 hours later and my wife went to bed great thought I would wait half an hour before I called Jess in to the living room again ! The time was 10 pm I went upstairs to the toilet to see if my wife was asleep she was with a grin on my face I went downstairs in just my shorts sat on the floor and call Jess into the living room she came in game straight up to me and started licking my face next I pulled my pants down Jess when straight to my dick licking it I was wanking and she was licking it as she was licking my dick I stopped wanki

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