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#90292 - For some reason they then looked at Lyn, and asked her, she said at least 700 guys or more, and 20 plus in one session, boy you could see the woman thinking about that one, they then looked at me, I told them some 300 woman plus and around 350 plus guys now, the guys mouths dropped with that answer. On our way back to camp, Dave rang, saying he had forgotten it was Friday night and the guys played darts tonight at a pub in teams, and the other guys from the teams would be pissed off if they didn't turn up, I asked how many, he said all up 12 guys, Sue said without any hesitation, bring them along too. No sooner had I moved away from Sue, she had guys trying to help her, or ask her for advice where things were, of course all they were doing was perving on her tits, but she was lapping it up, I paid for my stuff and waited, Sue eventually walked out of the shop with her arms full of shopping, the guys still hanging around her, talking to her about where she was going etc, Her

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