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#161578 - How many ways have I experience orgasm? Many but none like this, it was ecstasy of the highest level, for I felt the energy flowed up from my feet and down from my head to meet at my groin and escape through my member, I felt each of the powerful gush of my energy flow out into her and at the same time I felt her energy flow around my member, together we pulsated and trembled as our energy flowed, together we shared what felt like a mild electric shock that started where our bodies joined, spread through our groin then up to our heads and down to our feet. I remained as I was jammed up against her until my member lost its rigidity inside her relaxed vulva, I thought of how my host would enjoy her vulva, I know that he will enjoy it visually, he'll touch and caress it with his fingers, he'll kiss and lick at the puffy lips, his tongue will probe and explore her completely, he will enjoy being in her, let them trash about in madness, let them rake at each others flesh, let

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