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#90843 - As they got off of the elevator they practically had to, at first hold her up, after a short distance she was able to walk by herself, she was again quite surprised by the amount of people in attendance, and that most were men, she now started to become terrified at what she had allowed herself to be involved in, as they were some of the biggest and most ill-tempered mean looking men that she had ever seen apparently they were pimps looking for some Classy women to buy. Several men from the auction had guided her over to a display fixture and had started to fasten her to it with leather straps the device held her arms and legs apart and was also fastened at her waist, this device allowed her to be placed in any position and that any part of her body could be viewed or abused from a very close and personal angle, and their was nothing at all she could do about it. But this event was really something, and required one of them to pull and hold her cunt lips as far apart as he could, whi

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