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#187133 - Yes sir they say and they ship banks to the right and we make a 180 degree turn and go into jump just above the planet and within seconds we are 50 light years away from archonia then the message finally comes in full and shows the details and it will be hard since it involves a species that we encountered earlier known as anulians and the part that’s gunna be trouble is a large group of voidian rebels that has left the voidian empire and I’m concerned now that I see that the two forces have joined together it will be very hard. I look to the left to the control panel and I use my telepathy and open the restraints and the tube once the liquid drains I step out from it and to amiko’s surprise I was naked I smile and say you have to be when you’re in there and the tube door covers the crotch but I smile again and walk towards her and I see her start blush as I move in and bring my hand up and I caress her cheek and move my hand under her chin and tilt her head back and slowly move i

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