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#390964 - 5 times a week?” I guessed “Well that's a healthy number, and I assume you can ejaculate when you do it yourself?” She said, scribbling something on her note pad “Yeah, no problem” “Well I think the problem was obvious, Lisa is the first girl you’ve had sex with, right?” I nodded my giant cherry of a head. “You said you would help me, and your tits are beautiful, please lemme see them” she stood up and for a second I thought she was going to leave, but she just unbuttoned her sexy pink top and dropped it to the floor, her purple bra was about ready to burst, she unclipped it at the back and took a step towards me, I move over so she could sit next to me on the bed, she sat down facing me, reached down and began tugging my dick again, I was face to face with my desires the perfect pair of breasts in the world, so large, yet they didn’t sag too much, the nipples were getting hard, I just stared at them as mom was looking at my dick, pulling as fast as her hands would let her.

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