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#118309 - I lie in the darkness trying to undo my arms from the ties . “there you go little slave I think this will be a nice place for you to sleep tonight don’t you?” as a response I glare at you desperately trying to shift and move so my weight is off of my sensitive area you smile “good night slave” as you leave you hear me calling after you “no please don’t leave me like this!” I scream for hours hoping you will come back take the weight of my soft pussy lips let me lie down instead of being hung like a puppet part 2- day one you walk into the room and see me still suspended my hair hanging in front of my face my body in-between awake and a sleep you untie me and ease me down off the bored slowly and gently lying my exhausted body on the ground I whimper as my body touches the cold floor my body shivers goose bumps forming on my skin. Getting up you walk slowly to your car when your there you see the two men still struggling to control me “want her in the trunk?” you n

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