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#143108 - I freeze, he doesn’t, he’s scanning me with a smile on his face and looking at all of me, I’m not sure what to do, he says nothing still, he raises his hand and places it on my left breast, caressing it like I’ve dreamt him doing so many nights in the past, he’s carefully playing with my nipple and as he looks at my other hand he slides the side of the panties over and with his free hand slides a finger deep into me with my little finger still in there, it’s too much for my young body to take in and I explode in a huge orgasm drenching us both as he smiles still saying nothing. When he’s done he lets me rest on him, his body is so soft yet rouged, his scent is intoxicating, and his cock, still buried deep inside me, I can feel every movement and even as it shrinks slowly in me, I’m curious so I slowly start sliding up and down him again, he smiles and asks, do you want it again and I shake my head yes and verbally say oh yes daddy, all the time, you feel so good inside me, I wish we

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