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#303884 - I then told him whatPeter had said a moment of silence came between us neither knowing what to say, I got to admit this was the most agonizing moment of our lives since we have been together. I placed a hand on his head and slowly put some pressure and pushed his head downwards, his head was now firmly placed between my thighs and his tongue was licking me, first with slow little circles then long sweeping movements from my anus right up tothe top of my vagina, I raised my body up to give him better access to my wet juicy cunt. Nothing to speak of happened that evening and around midnight James and I went to bed, during our foreplay James was teasing me about me being with Peter and he with Shirl and I think he was teasing and I will ask him and let you know at the end we made verypassionate love then, long and lustful and I must add noisy.

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