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#399997 - -My cousin Dani was looking at me with surprise, then at the end I let the sperms go into my throat. We made our moves so we will be in the 69, Dani was on top, so at that time I was facing his cock which was touching my lips and my both hands grabbing his soft ass checks, so I started to suck his nice hard cock feeling his pre come on my lips, I then sucked it so hard reaching to his balls, moving my mouth up and down his thing. At that time I was going really wiled, When he finished ( unfortunately ) I turned him around with his ass in front of me, and bent him over and started liking his ass hole, using my tongue I felt so horny, he tasted so nice and soft, so I had my 7 inch cock in my hand ready to put it in his soft ass, Slowly I entered it into his ass he was in a little pain but he enjoying it, I could tell.

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Edward teach
Off topic but i like the guys tattoos
Natsuki shinomiya
Interesting format