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#250217 - On the Thursday afternoon I got a call from Lindsey telling me she would be round after work and she was bringing Stacey along too, I asked Lindsey if Stacey knew about what we'd been up to and she apparently told her everything and Stacey couldn't wait to meet me! My dick was once again hard as rock at the thought of not just playing with one but two beautiful ladies at the same time!. Lindsey gasped and moaned loudly as she began to dry hump me harder and faster, she then put her mouth to my ear and whispered sexily That feels nice Hun! I so wish you could fuck me Hun whilst sucking my toes and soles. The next next encounter with Lindsey happened about a week later when she turned up alone, unannounced and in her uniform (she worked for a well known supermarket).

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Moe ishizu
Whats the best rootbeer
Aoi sakurai
Nicely done babe
Naho ebihara
U should let me bang that ass