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#301515 - Finally as deep as he can go he starts to pull out making Amy cry out again in pain, he starts fucking her in time with the other boy and Amy feels their cocks almost rubbing together through the inside of her body, Amy’s body starts to shake more and more as the biggest orgasm of her life hits her, Amy thrashes about moaning and crying out she doesn’t recognise the voice when she hears herself moaning ‘Don’t Stop oh god please don’t stop’ she pushes back onto each cock as they pound both holes. He thrusts again feeling an obstruction ‘You really were a virgin!’ he almost shouts as he pushes again and feels the pressure go, Amy sobbing now pushes back on to his cock and round mouthfuls of the other boys cock scream ‘fuck me hard! Make me cum!’ Without another word he starts pounding her wet hot tight pussy from behind, burying his 9 inch cock to his balls inside her, Amy’s pushed onto the other boys cock as it’s forced down her throat, the boys timing the thrusts so they fuck her in

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