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#311174 - She turned on the shower and stepped in, beckoning me with a finger as I stepped under the flow of water and closed my eyes, I felt hands, rubbing up and down my chest, over my shoulders, and down to my ass, as they pulled me in a direction, I felt her body close to mine, rubbing up against me It didn’t take long for me to get hard again When she saw this, she laughed and said teenage endurance She turned around, offering her ass to me, handing me a tube of lube As I rubbed it into her ass as well as my cock, I started feeling a little numbing sensation from the lube She said it was due to the mint that was inside the lube Placing the lube down me rubbed my cock, spreading the lube As I placed it at the entrance to her ass, I felt her shiver and rub her ass against me I started pushing it in slowly One inch Two inches Three Four And after the last two inches slowly entered her ass a moan escaped her lips When I started to slowly pump my co

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