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#145497 - So 10 year old twins Jesse and Tanya Oldman got out there shorts and vests to outside in they were identical twins so they liked to dress in the same clothes as each other today they were wearing plain white vests and tiny pink shorts they always got dressed together aswell because they were twins it didn’t matter they both looked the same the had long blonde hair small cute faces flat chests long legs and they were tall for there age tallest in there year at school they had both recently started to explore there bodies I. E when there having a bath or shower or late at night while they were getting dressed in to there shorts and vests Jesse started looking and feeling at her tiny mounds on her chest and then looking at Tanya’s and thinking hers were bigger so she said anya you breasts look bigger then mine what do you think they were no stranger as to what part of the body was what there mum had given them that talk ages ago hmm maybe but I think yours will look better when you get

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