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#292738 - As James had already enslaved 3 girls he started to think how he will pay for all the luxury but most importantly how he would get his long live crush to be his wife He woke up with his 2 slaves in his arm and headed downstairs to his mom that was already cooking good morning master she said as she handed over his breakfast good morning slave he said as he sat down and started to eat after a few minutes he looked at his mom this is delicious as a reward you may blow me off he said as his mom smiled and sank down to her knees yes master thank you master she said as she got to work eager for his coc she started to deeptroath him that's it nice and deep slave he moaned out loudly She sucked him for 10 minutes when the girls and Brian came down good morning master the slaves said as they see his mom suck him off and get started on breakfast Brian go sit on the couch I will give you your tasks in a bit this slave needs to be fed first he said as Bria

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Kyou fujibayashi
What a cutie thanks
Yuika mitsumine
I zoned out trying to cum what was the contest about lol