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#119052 - Hearing about the pig pageant and the prize pig being a human girl who would be slaughtered, butchered and sold for meat, the order's began pouring in everyone wanted a piece of Jessica, having so many order's to fill it was decided that it was time for Jessica to meat the axe. As usual after the announcing of the winner, even under these circumstance’s where the Prize Pig was a human girl, the auction began as Steve was handed his 5th pig pageant winner's cup, after several minute's everyone began to think of Jessica not as a human girl but as any other prize pig waiting for slaughter, the owner of Hill's Fine Meat's having won the auction, paid for his pig. Walking over to Jessica he made her stand, forcing her hand's behind her back and tying them tight at the wrist, Jessica looked toward her father to save her but he had already disconnected himself emotionally and also just considered her another pig sold for slaughter, as she was dragged

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