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#80298 - so i thought. 5 inches sadly she looked at me and smiled i guess she new that i was a late starter or just happy to see my bonner i sat back down she put her hand on my boxers and moved the slipps that where not tied or held by any thing i was ammazed i thought to my self i have done this befor but nothing happened with gorwing up with 2 brothers they siad jizm come out if u move ur hand up and down on the shaftbut i tired and nothing came out so i thought they where lieing and hannah asked me if i new what to do to make it the stuff come out becuse i told her about it i told her but siad nothing came out she asked if it felt good i siad yes mabe it might feel better when i do it you can if u want to she started it felt so much better then my hand she noticed i got tenise she asked if she hurt me no i siad it just feels so good plz dont stop she grinned she started going faster and faster i told her to slow down and nad not so rough she started to giggle i started to fell this fe

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