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#107201 - fuck Jason yes! FUCK ME OH MY FUCK YESSS I screamed out as he thrusted in and out of me faster You fucking like that don't you? Holy fuck you are a tight bitch, fantasizing about my dick he said to me pinning down my arms Jason I do fantasize about your dick, all the time holy fuck I'm going to cum Jason! I screamed out Jason pulled out and plunged his middle finger into my wet cunt hitting the gspot. Putting my lips around the head of his dick, lightly and slowly sucking Holy shit Emily you're so fucking hot! He moaned I licked up and down his meat stick before finally putting my hole entire mouth around his dick. I sat on the floor and opened up my back pack as Jason came in Sorry for the mess I wasn't planning on having people over he said giving me a glass of water This is what you call messy? My gosh I said laughing We worked for about an hour and a half until Jason said something that completely caught me off guard Hey

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