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#365977 - Nah, i came down on a train today but im goin back later, i said, What? she said looking shocked, You cant go back now, its nearly eleven, why dont you stay here? i choked on my drink as she spoke, At the hotel? i gasped regaining my breath, there was no way i could afford to stay at a hotel, No stupid, you could stay with us, we've got a spare bed right? she asked turning to amber, Spare bed, yeah right, she mumbled, as dumbstruck as i was, No, i couldn't possibly, i've got no clothes and i'd need permission, i said, Nonsense, i can get you some clothes tommorrow, and who would you need permission from? she asked, rummaging through her bag, pulling out a phone. Oh, yea, im here for the wedding, i said rummaging through my pockets trying to find the invite, Ah, yes, he said examing the fancy letter, Just go along the corridor and through the double doors on the left. the train ride went by pretty quickly although (du

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I like your hentai
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Really hot girl with a hard body