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#101554 - I lavish your cock with attention, eager to return to it each time your hand forces my head away, you tell me that you will come if I continue, this only makes me more hungry, you twist my nipples in a delightfully painful way, you suck one into your mouth and bolts of pleasure shoot through my body, I have to have you, my body is burning , Movie? what movie?, time and time again you pull my head out of your lap, at one stage I try to resist I want your seed I want to taste you. My heart is racing, my body a bundle of nerves, I try to concentrate on driving but the closer I get to my destination, our meeting place, my tummy is filling with more butterflies, every nerve ending on fire, I know I should not but I text you as I drive explaining my emotional state, you text me back telling me your heart is racing. As I approach I watch you try the door but it does not open, I walk up trying the door next to you ‘I say you have to push,’ you turn and smile at me, I melt on the spot yet at t

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