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#357992 - As his head moved down lower on my body he used his teeth to remove my panties he spread my legs and began to rub my clit a moan escaped from me he pushed me to one side and told me to wait for him while I waited for him naked and shivering I took the chance to look around the room on one wall was a rack with all kinds of whips and spanking paddles and suspended from he ceiling was a cross with metal rings at each end there was also some kind of leather harness attached to a wooden frame my mind raced as to what kind of kinky sex I was going to get I rubbed my pussy in anticipation when the headmaster came back he was all dressed in leather with shiny metal studs sticking out all over the place just the smell of the leather and the hard sharp points of his studs had my sexual emotions jumping of the scale I just had to have him fuck me in his gear. My body ached for a man with a thick bulging cock, this went on all summer I was exhausted playing with myself (happy days) I went home fo

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Love you
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Se siente la conecion entre los dos actores que buen hentai i can feal the actors connection very good hentai ever
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More facials and you squirting