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#89176 - I had often looked at Beryl and wondered what she would be like, she was quite tall 5’ 10”, a nice womanly figure not hourglass but everything was exactly where it should be, and set off by a wonderful pair of 38C breasts, which I had gazed at many times, just wondering what they would be like. I smiled and said ‘I think you two had better go to bed yourselves, you both seem to have had quite enough for one night’ ‘Rubbish’ Beryl snorted, ‘we are going to finish the bottle off, we are on holiday and intend to enjoy it’ and both fell into fits of giggles. My cock was rock solid now and bursting my boxers ‘Right, you want to see my cock’ ‘Yes’ she breathed ‘Oh yes’ ‘You can only see my cock if you promise to suck it and lick my balls, is that a deal’ ‘Yes’ she mumbled, still squeezing those big tits.

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