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#51719 - The new child This story is set in the past from my earlier story but the story is unrelated to the other one so you don’t have to read the other story but f you want to follow this series in time order this comes first Well where do I start; I am a 17 year old boy who lives in the YMCA in Iceland, Reykjavik. As I showed her the fire exit she turned to me and said “I am tied can you show me to my room?” I said “Sure” But as I led her to the rooms I realised that she had not been assigned a room which was a job handled by the managed who was at the meeting so I turned to her and said “Err we have a problem, normally the manager assigns the rooms and she hasn’t given you a room yet has she” Candice said “No she has not” I said “Hmmm well if you don’t mind you could sleep in my room for the night until tomorrow and also you would save one nights rent” She paused and thought about the situation in front of her then after a few tense seconds she said “Well I guess so”

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