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#363526 - So I started wiping it out with my fingers and licking them, eating and enjoying every last drop of that delicious cum. So I took his dick by my hand and put it where it belongs “my mouth :) “ I sucked my room mate and got fucked by my friend at the same time, thinking about that made me really horny and wanting some more cum, so I told them both to hold coz I wanted them to cum together, and when they were ready I jumped on the flour stood down on my knees and asked them to cum at the same time on my face, and they did, it was so great that it made me cum my self, and my juices landed on both of their feet it was the happiest feeling in my life as I was licking their dicks clean from their cum, and then I went down to their feet licking my own cum, which by the way didn’t taste as good as their amazing juices, but it didn’t stop me to lick my mess clean anyway :) After that night, whenever I have the chance I suck one of them off and have him cum in me, I’m a happy man now. this st

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Well wait not for long next hentai during processing
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What if she started masturbating instead
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Who has full hentai please help i need it