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#135474 - Sandra quickly unbuttoned her loose fitting top and dropped it to the floor, while right in front of his face was an industrial strength bra that was doing it's best to hold back a tidal wave of tit flesh! Sandra unhooked her bra and let it slip of her slim shoulders allowing her huge tits tipped with large nipples that were almost a deep shade of purple to spill out onto her lap!!! The nips were long and firm, the result of nursing a baby six times a day, and as Sandra sat down next to Tom, her breasts swayed obscenely back and forth just inches from his face. Now sitting down and leaning against he elevator wall, Sandra had Tom lay on his back with his head in her lap, and as she guided a hard nipple into his mouth she sighed, Come on baby, let Momma feed her big boy! Tom started sucking on the huge nipple and soon his mouth was full of a thin but sweet milk! The more he sucked the more he wanted! After about fifteen minutes Sandra removed the nipple only to replace it with i

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