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#114752 - They Have Known Each Other Since They Were 13; Married To Each Other Right Out Of High School and Both Virgins on Their Wedding Night, This Story Is About the Sexual Awaking Of Kelly. k Her How She Had Lost The Weight As Mary Was Super Skinny, Mary Held Up Her Cigarette And Said This Is How, I Used To Snack All The Time Just Like You Do, But When I Started Up Smoking I Quit Snacking And The Weight Just Fell Off, She Offered Kelly A Cigarette, But Kelly Refused Saying That She Couldn’t, Mary Said Sure You Can, Kelly said There was No Way, What If Some One Saw Her, What Would They Think, Mary Said Screw Them. This Is the Story about Bill and Kelly; both are 35 and live in A Small Town in Northern Florida, They Are Conservative and Are Happy with Their Lives.

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