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#71419 - I mean now I can at least see why you didn't wear your panties! Is it always so engorged? she asked the frightened young girl. After only a few seconds or so the nun leaned back with odd look on her face and offered softly, My goodness gracious, I believe that I smell your vagina!!! No one in the room so much as said a word! Sister Rachel's last sentence hung in the air like a heavy smog in Los Angeles on a hot summer day! Finally, with shaky hands the old nun reached out and slowly lifted the plaid uniform skirt and lifted it above Joanne's waist! Good lord in heaven, the nun gasped, w-where on earth is your underwear?!? Joanne was too caught up in the moment to answer and just stood there like a statue unable to move or speak! The sister took in a whiff of the fragrant aroma wafting from Joanne's crack, and after sighing softly took a finger and gently opened the folds of the young vagina only to expose the most incredibly fat clit she had ever seen

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